Charlotte Flair Calls out 'Entitled' WWE Superstars Who Stay Home

Charlotte Flair has been popping up on all three WWE brands lately. And while it has led to some [...]

Charlotte Flair has been popping up on all three WWE brands lately. And while it has led to some genuinely excellent matches, some vocal fans online have started to grow weary of just how hard "The Queen is being pushed. Flair decided to push back this week when she popped up on Raw Talk, saying that it angered her to see fans call her entitled. She then flipped that around to say the real entitled wrestlers are the ones who stay home for long periods of time, then get pushed into the title scene the moment they get back.

Based on her quotes, it doesn't look like Flair was talking about wrestlers like Roman Reigns or Sami Zayn who have been off television since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Rather, he anger was directed at people like Nia Jax (who was off television recovering from surgery) and Sasha Banks (who was absent for a chunk of 2019 due to personal reasons).

"I see, I read and I hear what people say about me," Flair said. "That I'm entitled, that I'm always in the title picture. And here's the thing, I am the only person that shows up to work 365 days a year. I'm never sick, I'm never hurt. I am the hardest-working person in this company. I'm on Raw, I'm on SmackDown. Hell, I do media for FOX and I'm not even on FOX. And then they send me to NXT. No, I do anything and everything they ask because I love this business and I strive for greatness. So it's the entitled people that get under my skin. It is the people that sit at home for a year and then come back and I are in the title picture. And you call me entitled because I am busting my ass 365 days a year to be the best?"

"Entitled is sitting your a— at home. There, I said it," she added.

Last week saw Flair drop the NXT Women's Championship to Io Shirai (without getting pinned) at NXT TakeOver: In Your House. The following night she beat Asuka in a non-title match on Raw, setting up a future championship match. Meanwhile Asuka retained her title against Jax at Backlash via double contour, then beat her again on Raw with a surprise roll-up.