Is WWE About to Partner With Another Wrestling Promotion?

WWE typically doesn't work with other major pro wrestling promotions, but it looks like that idea is on the table now that Triple H is WWE's Chief Content Officer. The company is already doing a pseudo-crossover with New Japan by signing The Good Brothers while reportedly allowing Karl Anderson to continue defending his NEVER Openweight Championship up through Wrestle Kingdom next January. It was also confirmed this week via NWA owner Billy Corgan that he spoke with Triple H about bringing the National Wrestling Alliance's product to the WWE Network (currently housed on Peacock). 

"It didn't go anywhere and that was fine — very, very good discussions, very open and cool. They certainly liked what I was trying to do, and they've always been cool about what I was doing in the NWA, so I remain optimistic going into the future that there might be some business there to do," Corgan said in a new interview with Metro.

NWA as WWE's Developmental?

Corgan also talked about WWE using the NWA as a developmental territory for stars who aren't being used on television. WWE already has a developmental system in NXT. 

"There might be economic models where they say, 'Take these 10 talent, let us have an oversight position, you help develop these talents. It'd be good for the NWA, it'd be good for the WWE.' There are lots of opportunities there! I would say the same thing even as it pertains to AEW — AEW has a tremendous amount of talent under contract, not everybody is able to be on their main shows, there might be opportunities where they wanna send those people on a developmental level," Corgan continued.

Billy Corgan on Vince McMahon Leaving WWE

Later in the interview, Corgan talked about his reaction to Vince McMahon suddenly leaving WWE back in July — "If you're a fan, it's an exciting time! Things are wide open again as professional wrestling really was. The last 20 years is really an aberration to the way the professional business ran. Before the McMahons really took power of the wrestling culture for 20 years, wrestling was pretty much a wide open business."

"You might see a different flexibility with WWE as far as other company's go, moving into the future. Certainly my conversations in the past with Triple H would indicate there's a different degree of openness then maybe there would have been in the regime that was running things before," he added.