Watch: Brock Lesnar F5s Otis Through a Table to Start WWE Raw

Brock Lesnar opened this week's Monday Night Raw with a promo hyping up his Last Man Standing Match with Roman Reigns at SummerSlam. "The Beast" compared Reigns to a fattened hog ripe for the slaughter, the was interrupted by Paul Heyman who argued that the stipulation actually favored Lesnar given how barbaric it can get. But he then declared that Reigns' streak as world champion would be the one streak Lesnar won't be able to conquer. 

Theory then made his way out to interrupt both and bragged about cashing in on the winner. He then showed the clip from Elimination Chamber where Lesnar hit him with an F5 on top of one of the pods. In an attempt to get revenge he had Otis and Chad Gable hit the ring, only for "The Beast" to demolish both. Things ended with Lesnar nailing Otis with an F5 through the commentary table.

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