Here's What Went Wrong During The New Day vs. Hurt Business Tag Team Title Match on WWE Raw

A bizarre scene broke out during this week's Monday Night Raw when The New Day put their Raw Tag Team Championships on the line once again against The Hurt Business. Midway through the Cedric Alexander yanked Kofi Kingston off the top rope, causing him to spill to the outside. Shelton Benjamin then attacked but failed to get both himself and Kingston back in the ring in time to break the 10-count, resulting in a double-count-out. The New Day then backed away stating that they were still the champs (a move usually reserved for heel champions), only to be convinced to restart the match after a promo from MVP.

Both the Wrestling Observer and PWInsider have since reported that the finish was a botch and that the restart had to be changed up on the fly. PWI's Mike Johnson added, "The ten count happened, we are told, because there has been a renewed push on enforcing the rules of the matches as if they are legitimate."

Kingston and Xavier Woods wound up retaining anyway after the latter countered Benjamin's powerbomb attempt with a roll-up finish.

A day later news broke that Woods had officially signed on to be a host for the revived G4 network.

Woods explained how much the opportunity meant to him during an interview with ComicBook earlier this year.


"So for me, I was the same way with wrestling as I was with video games," Woods stated. "I didn't really know anything about the inside world of it, I was just very much at face value. Like, okay, there's a game that I like, I see it at the store or at Blockbuster, I rent it, and that's been where my knowledge of video games ended. I didn't know about the people who were the composer or the producers or any of that stuff, and so for me, G4 was the first time that I really got the chance to dive into that aspect of video games."

He continued — "My best memories were whenever anybody would get interviewed that had something to do with the game, and there's always cool, unique stories that they'd be able to tell about the process of getting so creative. It was my first real insight and peek behind the curtain of what video games really were and what went into making them."