WWE's Xavier Woods Officially Signs With G4

WWE's Xavier Woods (aka Austin Creed) has officially signed with G4! Earlier this year fans were [...]

WWE's Xavier Woods (aka Austin Creed) has officially signed with G4! Earlier this year fans were treated to the surprise announcement that gaming centric network G4 would be making its comeback in some fashion in 2021. Although they have yet to fully confirm what kind of return this will be, there was a call for new on-air talent for the network. WWE superstar Xavier Woods, who has made a major name for himself outside of the wrestling entertainment world with his UpUpDownDown gaming streaming channel, put his name in for consideration and launched a huge fan campaign.

Now it appears that this fan campaign was successful as G4 has officially announced that Woods has joined the team at G4. Announced during the G4 Holiday Reunion Special which brought back several major names from the network for a fun reunion, Woods appeared and was given a mysterious briefcase. This briefcase turned out to "contain" a special teaser with the mysterious announcement (as voiced by Transformers star Peter Cullen):

Woods opened up about his desires to join the G4 team and what the network meant to him earlier this year with ComicBook.com's Matthew Aguilar, "So for me, I was the same way with wrestling as I was with video games," Woods stated. "I didn't really know anything about the inside world of it, I was just very much at face value. Like, okay, there's a game that I like, I see it at the store or at Blockbuster, I rent it, and that's been where my knowledge of video games ended. I didn't know about the people who were the composer or the producers or any of that stuff, and so for me, G4 was the first time that I really got the chance to dive into that aspect of video games."

Elaborating further, Woods went on to say, "My best memories were whenever anybody would get interviewed that had something to do with the game, and there's always cool, unique stories that they'd be able to tell about the process of getting so creative. It was my first real insight and peek behind the curtain of what video games really were and what went into making them."

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