WWE SmackDown: Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah Move to Next Round of Women's Tag Team Titles Tournament

This week's Monday Night Raw featured the first match in the WWE Women's Tag Team Tournament, and Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky would emerge victorious and move on to the next round. Tonight's SmackDown would feature the second round of the tournament, with the teams of Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah and Shotzi and Xia Li battling it out for the next spot, and after a thrilling match between the two brand new tag teams, it was Rodriguez and Aliyah that would get the win and cement their spot in the next round of the tournament for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships.

Rodriguez attacked Shotzi first but Shotzi avoided several attacks and went to work on her opponent's back and shoulders, though Rodriguez would pick her up with one arm and slam her down. Xia Li tagged in and then Aliyah tagged in as Rodriguez lifted her up and catapulted her on top of Xia.

On the outside, Sonya Deville and Natalya were jawing at Xia and Aliyah, and Rodriguez and Shotzi attacked them and cleared them out and then turned their focus to each other once again as we went to commercial break. After the break Xia Li was in control of Aliyah and then tagged in Shotzi, combining for knockdown and a cover attempt, but Aliyah kicked out.

Xia was back in and then Shotzi hit Aliyah with a bulldog before the cover attempt but she kicked out again. Xia kept Aliyah isolated in the corner and tagged Shotzi back in, but Aliyah bought herself some space and got to her feet. Xia went to knock Rodriguez off the ring apron and Aliyah pushed back Xia with kicks. Xia went for a vertical suplex but Aliyah countered with a neckbreaker and then got the tag to Rodriguez.

Xia tagged in Shotzi but Rodriguez slammed her down with a shoulder tackle and then a fallaway slam. She picked her up again for another fallaway slam and then hit the spinning elbow splash before going for the Tejana Bomb, but Xia interfered and distracted her, giving Shotzi a chance to connect and throw her in the corner. Shotzi slammed her down and went for the cover but Rodriguez kicked out.

Xia tagged in and then they went for a Russian leg sweep but Aliyah broke it up. Rodriguez then hit the Tejana Bomb on Xia and that was it for Xia, allowing Rodriguez and Aliyah to move on to the next round of the tournament.

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