WWE Super Showdown: Goldberg Reveals How He Beat The Fiend Bray Wyatt

Bill Goldberg has seemingly done the impossible, defeating The Fiend at WWE's Super Showdown Event [...]

Bill Goldberg has seemingly done the impossible, defeating The Fiend at WWE's Super Showdown Event and he was able to lay out just how this happened in an interview with the WWE following his astonishing victory. The predictions have been all over the place with regards to just who would take home the WWE Universal Title at the recently concluded Pay-Per-View event, with many believing that Bray Wyatt's victory streak would continue. Having been a Universal Champion twice in the past, Goldberg is walking away from Saudi Arabia a champion once again.

Goldberg may be an older wrestler, but it's clear that during this latest match, his experience came in handy as he grappled with this nightmare like figure that Bray Wyatt has become in the Fiend. On the July 15th, 2019 episode of Monday Night Raw, Wyatt made his debut as the masked "Fiend", mixing his wrestling style with some terrifying pageantry that has become a hot selling item for fans looking to score some creepy merchandise. As Goldberg returned to the WWE earlier this month, it's definitely thrown some fans for a loop when it comes to the outcome of this championship match!

WWE shared the brief interview with Goldberg immediately following his victory against the Fiend at Super Showdown, with the 53 year old wrestling legend laying down the tactics he used in order to take down the current phenomenon of the wrestling world:

Here are Goldberg's words verbatim:

"First of all, I'll be limping out of Saudi Arabia, but hey man it's an honor just to be here and to be here and attain this belt again — this title again, it's a dream come true. It truly is. It's something you always shoot for, but the older you get the further you think that peak is away, you think. I'm in awe. I had to hit him with everything I had as quickly as I could. Catch him off guard just like I did Brock. You know you gotta hit guys before they're ready, especially at my age. I'll strike it up as another conquest."

While many fans are seeing this as the match that killed the Fiend's career, others are looking at it more as a road bump in Bray Wyatt's current run in the WWE featuring his new unsettling persona.

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