WWE's The Bloodline Has A New Championship Title

After a fan vote, it was revealed that NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes' opponent for tonight's NXT One Year Anniversary would be Wes Lee, but then Hayes and Trick Williams attacked Lee ahead of the match and delivered a brutal beatdown. They stomped on him and kicked him and even slammed his head into a locker door, and so when it was time for the match he said there was no opponent to fight. That's when Solo Sikoa's music hit and the Bloodline's newest member showed up, telling Hayes he had next, and they would proceed to have a match. Then Sikoa shocked everyone when he pinned Hayes and gave The Bloodline another Championship Title, and odds are we'll be seeing it soon on SmackDown, but will Hayes follow suit? We'll have to wait and see.

Hayes came out swinging but Sikoa sent the Champion over his head and to the other side of the mat. Then Hayes came back with another move but Sikoa shook it off and threw Hayes into the corner. He charged forward but Hayes evaded him and flanked him but then Sikoa threw Hayes over the top rope onto Williams below.

Sikoa got Hayes back in the ring kept up the attack on the Champion, but every time Hayes mounted a comeback Sikoa would put a stop to it, hitting him with a headbutt and a monster slap to the face. He rolled Hayes back in the ring and then Williams pounced, slamming Sikoa's previously hurt knee onto the ring apron.

Hayes capitlized and kept attacking the knee and leg, and then he hit a chop block on Sikoa's leg and went for the cover, but he kicked out. Then Hayes locked in a submission and used the brace on Sikoa's knee to help solidify the hold, and once he broke it he locked in the hold once more. Sikoa got to the ropes to break the hold and Hayes went for it one more time, but Sikoa kicked him away.

Hayes jumped up and Sikoa caught him and hit more strikes to the body, and then he hit a monster superkick and a Samoan Drop on Hayes. He lined up a hip charge and then lifted Hayes but Williams intervened again and helped Hayes get to the ground. Hayes knocked Sikoa back but he stayed on his feet, and then Sikoa caught Hayes again and slammed him down into a cover, but Hayes kicked out.

Sikoa kicked Williams and then caught Hayes and slammed him down, and then he went up top and collided with Hayes and made the cover. He got the three count and the win, and now Sikoa is the new North American Champion.

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