WWE: Watch Big E's Amazing Entrance on FOX College Football

WWE fans are hoping Big E is able to return to in-ring action soon after a scary neck injury, but as he recovers the beloved WWE Superstar is still finding ways to have fun, and the latest example of that is his appearance today on FOX College Football. Big E got a star-worthy entrance this morning ahead of the anticipated game between Michigan and Iowa, and as you can see in the video below, he was having a truly marvelous time as he hit the field and interacted with the fans. FOX College Football even tweeted "nobody in Iowa City is more ready than Big E", and you can watch his entrance and more in the videos below.

Big E got a big reaction from the crowd as he made his way to the field, and he was equally as amped, holding a sign that said Hawks By A Million. After greeting the hosts he then went and jumped in with the fans, and you can see both videos below.

Before he was working with WWE, Big E (real name Ettore Ewen) was a defensive lineman for Iowa, but injuries kept him from pursuing a career in football. He would ultimately have an opportunity to jump into WWE though, and the rest is history, as Big E is one of WWE's most beloved stars and is part of one of the most successful Tag Teams ever in The New Day. Then he became WWE Champion last year and even returned to Iowa with his Title in hand.

"I describe my time at Iowa as the best of times and the worst of times," Ewen told ESPN. "I met all these incredible people, and I have such a strong connection to my alma mater. But between injuries and all my issues with depression, I really had a lot of my struggles then, too."

"I've just really learned that life takes you in ways that you would never imagine," Ewen said, "if you let it."

"If my parents could continue to enroll me at Tampa Prep, I never would have ended up playing at Wharton, never would have ended up in Iowa and probably my whole life would be different," Ewen said. "I wouldn't be in WWE now. So I'm just really grateful for all the twists and turns."

The pop from WWE fans when Big E ultimately returns to the ring is going to be massive, and we can't wait to see him back to 100%.