WWE's Asuka Shares Dragon Ball Z Crossover To Hype WrestleMania

WWE's 37th WrestleMania is about to begin and the current Raw Women's World Champion, Asuka, took to social media to promote the soon to air event by showing off her skills against the Saiyans and Androids of Dragon Ball Z. With Asuka set to defend her title against Rhea Ripley during the second night of the two-night event, it's clear that the five-time holder of the Championship Belt is going to have her work cut out for her, but isn't afraid to share her love of pop culture alongside her quirky sense of humor.

This is far from the first time that Dragon Ball Z had made its way into the squared circle of World Wrestling Entertainment, with one of the most notable crossover being thanks to the tag team known as the New Day. Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E haven't been afraid to hide their love of all things anime and pop culture, having once entered into the ring wearing full Saiyan armor. On top of this, the female MMA fighter-turned wrestler, Rhonda Rousey, showed off her love of the Shonen franchise by wearing a t-shirt that showed none other than the Prince of the Saiyans himself, Vegeta.

Asuka took to her Official Twitter Account to show off her moves against both Goku and Android 18 from their appearances during the sequel Shonen series of Dragon Ball Z, proving that the wrestler has trained long enough to battle against both Saiyans and Androids:

Though this isn't an official crossover between the world of the WWE and the medium of anime, the two will be crossing over in the future as an animated series is currently in the works that will feature Rey Mysterio Jr battling against giant monsters both inside and outside of the ring. Though there has been no news about when we can expect the Rey Mysterio animated series to land, the first teaser arrived late last year, giving us an idea of what the masked brawler will look like in this new animated world.

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