DC Comics' New 52 Turns 52

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  1. These are pretty badass.

    • RAYZA
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    That Batgirl one makes me sad. We turned from an emotional driven personal story that had great themes that included subtle progressive views on society. Now it's a wacky, pop culture referencing, in your face progressive, garbage that made me cringe as I read through each comic. Not because the content of it's theme but how in your face it was. I don't give a shit if Barbara uses tinder or instagram but putting that front in center and making every other characters into charactures of trans and gays instead of having characters who also happen to have those traits is revolting writing. It panders towards my age group in the most foul way and people ate it up. Saying that it was the most progressive comic out their when Gale Simone's writing was more progressive.

    • jof28427
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