Sin City

04/01/2005 Crime (Genre) Rated: R Directed By: Frank Miller / Robert Rodriguez / Quentin Tarantino Writers: Frank Miller Composers: Graeme Revell / John Debney Watch Trailer Composite ? 78.79
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In this quartet of neo-noir tales, a mysterious salesman (Josh Hartnett) narrates a tragic story of co-dependency, while a musclebound vigilante (Mickey Rourke) tears his way through the criminal underworld in search of his lost love (Jaime King). In another part of the city, a grizzled cop (Bruce Willis) foils the ambitions of a child-killer (Nick Stahl), and an ex-prostitute (Brittany Murphy) evades her ex-pimp (Benicio Del Toro) with the help of her new boyfriend, Dwight (Clive Owen).

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