10 Best Naruto Battles

Based on the Japanese manga series, Naruto currently boasts eleven films and over 700 television episodes making it the front runner for one of the hottest anime franchises ever. And when it comes to intense anime fight sequences, you can't do much better than Naruto, which is why we here at comicbook.com thought today might be a fun day to take a look back and pick out the 10 Best Naruto Battles!

What of the strengths of Naruto as a series is the ability to build up anticipation and create an invested emotional interest among fans, so most of the fights on this list have been a long time coming, and none of them were a disappointment.

Take our No. 3 throw down for example. The "Fated Battle Between Brothers" was a battle that was a long time coming. Also known as "Masters Prophecy and Vengeance," fans always knew that Sasuke and Itachi were destined to face off against one another, but no one could have predicted how it was truly going to play out.

Sasuke had been trying to kill his brother Itachi for a loooong time, and when the two squared off, it was epic. Eventually, Sasuke is knocked back by his own attacks. As he lays on the ground with Itachi with having the upper hand, Susanoo begins to fade. Itachi walks towards his brother (seemingly) to take his eyes. But instead, he pokes Sasuke's forehead and says, "I'm sorry, Sasuke. There won't be a next time", before dying right there from exhaustion.


What's your favorite Naruto battle? Make sure you watch the video at the top of the article to see what it lands on the list!