Mappa and Netflix Spark Outlash After Animators Criticize Their Low Wages

It is no secret that the anime industry has a big problem with wages. As the medium continues to grow in popularity, those who create the shows are not being paid similarly. Wages for animators and crew members have all but plummeted in the last decade compared to where they should be. And now, it seems Netflix and Mappa Studios are getting flak amidst a sour revelation.

The whole thing began when it was discovered that Netflix's recent deal with Mappa over an anime left animators in the red. In fact, the animator Ippei Ichii took to Twitter to address the issue, so you can read their message below:

Yasuke Netflix Anime LaKeith Stanfield LeSean Thomas Poster
(Photo: Netflix)

"Apparently, a producer working on a Netflix anime made at MAPPA suggested [paying $34 USD] per cut. The budget for TV series is between [$34 and $63], so if you accept that offer, the unit price for animators would go down. Heads-up: If you're asked, I think it's best to negotiate for [$134] or more," the artist wrote.

Ichii went on to add some context to his message, and he did so to aim his ire at Netflix rather than Mappa. "To avoid misunderstanding, I have to say that my issue is with Netflix. For all the exorbitant amount of capital they have, it's a problem that they've started to place orders with such low rates. There is a possibility that the prices are even lower than a TV series," he wrote. Other freelance animators went on to bolster Ichii's anger as this pay is already lower than the industry's meager average of $40+ per cut. And if Netflix oversaw the budget for the project, well - you can see why netizens are upset.

After all, the only Netflix x Mappa project out there is Yasuke, and the anime was met with rave reviews upon its debut. Its animation was par for the course with MAPPA, but as it turns out, producers on the show were being offered less than the industry's unimpressive standard. This is not what fans like to hear at Netflix's expansion into anime had some questioning how the mega-brand could help the industry. And after this update, well - it seems like little help is being given outside of exposure.


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