Attack On Titan Video Terrifies with Its 4D Rollercoaster in Japan

Attack On Titan has been making the round when it comes to the news recently thanks in part to the [...]

Attack On Titan has been making the round when it comes to the news recently thanks in part to the release of the first trailer for its fourth and final anime season, but one fan who managed to bring a camera into the attraction that is currently a part of Universal Studios Japan, Attack On Titan XR Ride. The franchise follows a civilization trapped within walled cities, threatened by large naked figures that are dubbed Titans and do their best at eating the civilians that are trapped inside. The ride, from the video recorded, certainly seems to capture the spirit of the franchise!

Universal Studios Japan has been great about incorporating a number of anime franchises into its amusement park, with the summers normally giving new attractions and events that revolve around series such as the aforementioned Attack On Titan, Detective Conan, Sailor Moon, One Piece, and even Neon Genesis Evangelion. The Attack On Titan XR Ride does a fantastic job of putting you into a first person perspective of a member of the Survey Corps, zipping atop the city skyline and encountering some disturbing Titans that are looking to make you their next meal. Four Dimensional roller coasters are nothing new in this day and age, but this Attack On Titan ride certainly offers something new for fans of the series!

Reddit User VooodoooM shared this first person view of the Attack On Titan XR ride in Universal Studios Japan, showing us how the roller coaster manages to give us a look into what the life of a soldier of the Survey Corps looks like on a daily basis as they use three dimensional maneuver gear to battle the Titans:

Attack on Titan 4D ride from r/ShingekiNoKyojin

On top of this ride, Universal Studios Japan also has a section of its park that is modeled after the Attack On Titan series, allowing you to pretend that you're a member of the Eldian race, fleeing from life like models of Titans that would like nothing more than to make you into a snack. With excitement around the series being amplified thanks in part to the release of the season four trailer, we would imagine that the lines are even longer for the Attack On Titan XR Ride!

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