United States Politician Shares Love For Attack On Titan

April 15th is Anime Day, and recently, a United States politician has taken the opportunity to share their favorite anime series in the dark epic created by Hajime Isayama in Attack On Titan. The popular anime franchise has been in the news a lot recently, thanks in part to the story of the Survey Corps coming to a close in the pages of the series' manga, which ended the story of the Scout Regiment and the nation of Marley over a decade after it had premiered in the pages of the publisher Kodansha Comics in 2009.

Congressman Ted Lieu is a representative for California's thirty-third district, taking to social media earlier today to share his favorite anime in Attack On Titan. The story of Eren Jaeger and the other members of the Survey Corps was believed by many to be an allegory for many big ideas within the real world, with politics being one of the most prevalent. Though the series has come to a close within the pages of Hajime Isayama's manga, Attack On Titan's anime will end early next year, bringing to a close the anime series currently helmed by the creative minds at Studio MAPPA.

Ted Lieu took to his Official Twitter Account to participate in Anime Day by sharing that the story of the nation of Marley and the Children of Ymir was his current favorite, joining a ton of other anime fans that consider the tale of Scout Regiment to be legendary within the medium:

Attack On Titan's ending has divided a number of anime fans, with many debating whether or not the final story of the Survey Corps was able to live up to the journey that came before. With the finale seeing Eren and his former friends in far different scenarios than what we had seen in the previous three seasons of the anime, it certainly has spurred plenty of conversations within the anime community. A sequel to Attack On Titan hasn't been announced and based on the way the series ended, we aren't expecting a return to the world of the Eldians and Marleyians any time soon.

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