Attack on Titan's First Episode Foreshadowed Eren's Fate

Attack on Titan's first episode actually foreshadowed Eren's fate in the final chapter of the [...]

Attack on Titan's first episode actually foreshadowed Eren's fate in the final chapter of the series! Hajime Isayama recently brought the nearly twelve year run of the massive popular manga series to an end with its 139th chapter, and this ending sparked more questions than it did answers. This was especially the case for Eren Jeager as it sought to explore many of the decisions that Eren had made in the final arc of the series. One of these decisions ultimately led to his final fate, and it was this final fate that was actually foreshadowed at the very beginning of it all.

If you have read the final chapter of Attack on Titan, then you will know what's up. The story closed with chapter 139 this past week. As you can imagine, all eyes were on the release as Eren's story came to an end. And along the way, fans were left stunned when the boy died and was seemingly born anew as a bird.

Alright, so this ending has caused a lot of tension with the fandom, but it seems Attack on Titan promised it was coming. In light of the finale, fans have returned to the anime, and they noticed something damning along the way. In episode one, the first few moments seem to hint at this fate for Eren, and it is low-key clever.

As can see above, the first episode of Attack on Titan begins with a shot of the sky as a few birds fly into view. The scene is followed by a close-up shot of Eren as fans see the birds flying in the reflection of his eyes. Eren is looking to the sky with wonder as the birds fly free of the Titans beyond the walls. And now, Eren is able to do the same.

This moment is innocuous enough, but it has taken on a whole new meaning in the anime. The manga's ending for Eren has totally altered how birds are seen in the series, so we have to give kudos to Hajime Isayama for his long game here.

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