Attack on Titan Teases the Inheritor of the War Hammer Titan

Attack on Titan is at the start of its fourth season, and it seems things are getting ready to heat up at last. After a few episodes, the series pushed forward this past weekend with an update that welcomes war. Marley is eager to put the Titans down given their problematic powers, so that means all of Eldia must go. And to do so, the nation's ruling family will bring out the War Hammer Titan at last.

The only problem with that? Well, fans don't know who wields the Titan just yet. It turns out this Titan is not part of the warrior program as it has been passed down a certain family for generations.

attack on titan
(Photo: MAPPA)

According to the new Attack on Titan episode, the Tybur family holds the War Hammer Titan, but its user is kept secret from the world. The family likes to keep the identity secret given how influential it is. After all, the family's head Willy admits Marley is run by his kin in secret, so you can see why the family would have a Titan up its sleeve.

The only hint fans get about the titan's identity is from Willy. The man tells Magath during their meeting with the Tybur that the War Hammer Titan is present. Magath is unable to guess who the wielder might be, but hey - at least this new episode confirms they are around. No one gets close to the Tybur clan from outside unless they are around, and we can only assume messing with the War Hammer Titan is a bad idea.


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