Attack on Titan Sneaks a Big Post-Credits Scene in Episode 63

The fourth season of Attack on Titan is here, and fans are tuning in weekly to see what the epic [...]

The fourth season of Attack on Titan is here, and fans are tuning in weekly to see what the epic series has to offer. With this season promising to be the last, all eyes are on our heroes as the war between Paradis and Marley gets underway. The show has focused heavily on Reiner's camp as of late, and fans admit the Warrior check-up has been long overdue. Of course, that focus began shifting with this week's new episode, and you better have stuck around for its massive post-credits scene at the end!

The moment comes at the very end of episode 63. "From One Hand to Another". The post-credits scene will take fans by surprise as it finds Marley citizens gathering at an outdoor theater. The stage is big lit as people file into their seats. From across the way, the scene shows Reiner meeting up with his fellow Warriors, but Falco causes a ruckus when he shows up out of nowhere.

The boy goes straight to Reiner and asks his mentor to follow him. Of course, Reiner agrees with ease, and the post-credits scene comes to an end shortly after Falco brings the Armored Titan to a nondescript basement. It is there fans are met with a man sitting in a chair, and it is the same man who Falco met once before. But this time, fans are able to suss out that this military veteran is none other than... Eren Yeager.

Yup, you got that right. This post-credits scene brings Reiner and Eren back together at last. The latter makes no moves to deny his identity, and Reiner is horrified by the reunion before him. If Eren is here, there is no doubt the rest of Paradis is ready in the shadows to fight. Now, anime-only fans are left to wonder how this fated reunion will go, but Attack on Titan readers already know it is time to brace themselves for an inevitable battle.

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