'Attack on Titan' Reveals How Vicious Eren Has Become

Attack on Titan is not known for cutting corners. When it comes to brutality, the series dives deep into all things gore even if it means making fans squirm. Guys like Eren Jaeger can only stay neutral for so long before Attack on Titan shows how much they've changed, and the series' main character has changed a lot.

After all, Attack on Titan did just show how far Eren will go to get revenge.

The manga's latest chapter follows up with Eren and the Survey Corps as they continue their assault on Marley. After sneaking into the country, Eren managed to make a surprise attack on its top leaders during a political rally, and Paradis' military made its infiltration as well. Chapter 102 follows the gang as it carries on fighting, and Mikasa makes a stunning point for both fans and Eren.

The girl is seen kneeling next to her friend after Eren's Titan form wreaks havoc upon a Marley internment camp.

"Eren, you... Do you understand what you've done? You killed civilians. You even killed children. That's already irredeemable," Mikasa says.

In the past, Eren would have been horrified by what Mikasa accused him of. The lead knows firsthand what it's like to have a Titan rip your world from underneath your feet. There is surely no way Eren would have been okay with putting such pain upon others, but that is what he just did. The protagonist is not the least bit phased by his new body count; Instead, he simply tells Mikasa to focus on the battle they have before them with the War Hammer Titan.

The new chapter of Attack on Titan reveled something about its hero which many may find uncomfortable. The war between Paradis and Marley is not as clean cut as it once seemed, and Eren has become a major villain for one side of that conflict. Attack on Titan has shown its hero can be just as brutal as the Colossal Titan was in the siege against Wall Maria, and it is up to readers to decide how they feel about that.


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