Attack On Titan Cliffhanger Sets Up a Three-Way War in Season Four

Attack On Titan's fourth season hasn't been afraid to shake up the status quo in some insane new ways, as the Survey Corps finds themselves having to deal with not only an external threat that has been with them since the very beginning but an unexpected threat that has been introduced in the latest episodes. With a new band of followers known as the "Jaegerists" following the plan of Eren Jaeger, it's clear that all sides of this new war are playing for keeps and the casualties resulting from the future battles might be insurmountable.

While the Eldians and the nation of Marley have been at war for quite some time, with the series kicking off with Bertholdt and Reiner kicking down the wall, it's clear that Eren Jaeger has been affected far more than anyone believed as he now is trying to get some face time with his brother the Beast Titan, Zeke Jaeger. With Eren's faction murdering the current premier in a bid to free their new leader, the latest episode featured a cliffhanger that shows the Cart Titan, Pieck, lying in wait for what is clearly a direct attack on the Eldian race on their home turf, leading us to wonder if all three sides will be battling one another at the same time.

Attack On Titan Season Four Three Way War
(Photo: MAPPA)

Eren's life has been a tragic one, not just because of the death of his mother in the introductory episode of the series, but also with his struggle with the Titan power within himself alongside the comrades he's lost along the way battling the forces of Marley. With the Survey Corps having to battle both physical and emotional forces throughout Attack On Titan, fans are left wondering how it could be possible for their ending to be a happy one, with so much tragedy taking place.

Currently, in the anime, the Survey Corps still has Zeke hidden in a secret location, worried about how his influence might affect Eren, and it's clear that Armin, Mikasa, Levi, Hange, and the others are going to have some serious issues to deal with in the final episodes of what might be the first half of the fourth season of Attack On Titan's anime.


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