Attack On Titan: Where Will Season 4 Cut Off?

Where will Attack On Titan season 4 cut things off? It's becoming an increasingly frantic question amongst anxious fans. Ever since hearing that Attack On Titan season 4 was only going to be 16 episodes long, fans have been wondering if the anime can truly wrap up the events of the manga series, which is just about to drop its final two chapters on fans. The speculation has been whether or not Attack On Titan will split its final season into two parts, in order to cover all the final events of the manga. Now that we know exactly where Attack On Titan season 4 will cut off, we have our answer.

When Will Attack On Titan Season 4 End?

As you can see above, Attack On Titan's anime is confirmed to be ending at chapter 116 of the manga. Fans suspected that to be the case, after the title of Attack On Titan's final episode was first revealed. The anime finale will be titled "Heaven and Earth", which corresponds to manga chapter 116's title, "Above and Below".

However, that stopping point is a far-cry from the ending of Attack On Titan; the manga, which is looking like it will reach 139 chapters by the time it wraps in April.

Is There More Attack On Anime Coming?

When Will Attack On Titan Season 4 End

Attack On Titan season 4 will be ending the series with episode 16. As of writing this, there are absolutely NO confirmed reports that there will be more Attack On Titan anime content coming down the line. So, there's still a lot of potentials for the anime series to leave major questions unanswered.

Any rumors that Attack On Titan season 4 will be split into two halves, is just that: a rumor. The whispers started circulating when it was said that streaming sites like Netflix are referring to Attack On Titan season 4 as "Part 1". The other big rumor is that Attack On Titan could get one or two feature-length film releases, which will serve to wrap up the events of the manga in bigger chunks. Attack On Titan is massively popular worldwide, and other top anime titles (Dragon Ball Super, Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia) have been record-breaking successes at the box office. It only seems right that Attack On Titan gets to join that club with a major event film finale that will guarantee fans have to see it.


Again, none of that has been confirmed by Netflix, Crunchyroll, or any other streaming service - nor has MAPPA confirmed or denied that there is more AoT anime on the production slate.

Attack On Titan's anime will end with Season 4 Episode 16; the manga will end with Chapter 139 in April.