Attack on Titan Shares New Metal Image For Season Four Finale

Attack on Titan's final season is set to arrive next year, with the dark anime franchise shifting from fighting against the forces of Marley to fighting against the former protagonist, Eren Jaeger. With Mikasa, Armin, and the Scout Regiment placed into a terrible new scenario, a new image released by the series has given us one of the heaviest metal encounters that hints at things to come as the anime adaptation is brought to its conclusion by Studio MAPPA.       

With the power of the Founding Titan now at his fingertips, Eren's current appearance is one of the most terrifying that we've seen in the series to date, which is really saying something considering just how scary some of the behemoths have looked over the years. Towering over all the other Titans that we've seen before, Eren doesn't just have the power to control all the Titans of the world, but can also effectively control anyone that has Eldian blood running through their veins. The previous Founding Titans were able to drastically change the memories of the inhabitants of Paradis, but it seems as though Jaeger has some very different ideas in mind.

The fourth volume of the final season of Attack on Titan released new art for the upcoming Blu-Ray/DVD release, showing Armin and Mikasa staring down Eren in his younger childhood body as Jaeger's Founding Titan form loomed large in the background in the environment known as the Paths:

A specific release date has yet to be revealed when it comes to the last episodes of the dark anime franchise, though fans are on the edge of their seats considering how the previous finale came to an end. With Armin, Mikasa, and the newest members of the Scout Regiment racing to stop Eren from killing the vast majority of the population of the planet, the final moments of the last episode showed us that Eren and his endless wave of Colossal Titans had reached the nation of Marley. In a race against time, the question now arises as to whether the Survey Corps can reach Eren, and if they do, how on Earth can they hope to stop the most powerful being on the face of the Earth?

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