Attack on Titan Season 4 Theme Song Band is Coming to Crunchyroll Expo

Attack on Titan has some of the most rocking tunes within the medium of anime, with the latest opening of the series, "The Rumbling", helping propel the band known as SiM to new heights. With this summer set to see Crunchyroll Expo dive further into the world of anime, the band has announced that they will be appearing live on the West Coast, performing some of their hits as the dark anime franchise continues to prepare for its final episodes that will arrive next year

As it stands, the Attack on Titan track has been downloaded millions of times, with the opening theme from SiM managing to combine some harsh death metal screams in with an emotional track following along with the current disastrous path that Eren is following which the rest of the Scout Regiment is attempting to stop. Next year, 2023, will see the release of the final episodes of Attack on Titan and it has yet to be revealed if "The Rumbling" will return as the opening theme or if a new song will be employed, though, at this point, we definitely wouldn't be surprised if SiM were to make a comeback.

The Official Twitter Account of SiM shared the news that they will be attending this year's Crunchyroll Expo, performing on August 6th and while it has yet to be confirmed, it is almost a guarantee that they will be playing "The Rumbling" for quite a few anime fans in attendance:

In the last scene that we saw Attack on Titan, Eren was leading his Colossal Titans to the mainland of Marley, with Armin, Mikasa, and their allies making a mad dash to stop Jaeger from crushing most of the world's population under the feet of the rampaging behemoths. The original ending of the manga was controversial for many readers, diving into some unexpected territory so it will be interesting to see how the final battle is handled by Studio MAPPA. 

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