Attack on Titan Teases One Hero's Coming Sacrifice

Attack on Titan has little chill when it comes to fighting wars, and the story has had its share of battles to pick from. Over its tenure, the series has killed thousands of people for the sake of peace. As you can imagine, that toll does not sit well with our heroes, and they are set on ending things for good in the manga's final arc. And, thanks to a new update, fans have learned what the Cart Titan will sacrifice to make peace a reality.

The update came with Attack on Titan chapter 132, and the issue was a major one overall. Not only did the update bring about a major death, but sealed the fate of another fighter. Pieck told the leader of the Azumabito family they would be joining the soldiers on the frontline as they gave their all to stop Eren.

"I'll leave the kids to you. The ship isn't very safe either but it's safer than the plane," she told Kiyomi, referring to the young Eldian Warriors in their midsts.

attack on titan
(Photo: Kodansha )

"Lock them in a room. Make sure they don't come out until the plane has taken off. I have to give meaning to my comrade's sacrifices. It is my duty as a warrior."


Pieck has no qualms with this decision, so fans know it is a matter of when and not if for the warrior. Her inheritance of the Cart Titan put her on a direct course for death, so there is no escaping that future. She seems preoccupied with ensuring the sacrifice of her comrades is worthwhile, and if that means dying, then so be it.

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