Attack on Titan to Release Special Rom-Com with Eren and Mikasa

Attack on Titan is one of the most important series to come from Japan in the last decade, and its time came to an end last month. If you did not know, the manga ended in early April when creator Hajime Isayama published its final chapter. Of course, fans had plenty to say about the finale, but there is still more story for Attack on Titan to explore. After all, a special is in the works, and it promises to shine a light on Mikasa's love for Eren.

Recently, fans of the series were thrown in a tizzy when reports surfaced online about Eren and Mikasa. Users like MangaMoguraRE posted notes informing fans a special "rom-com collection" will be published for Attack on Titan soon. This aside will focus on the couple when it debuts in June 2021, and fans are as hyped as you'd expect.

After all, Attack on Titan did not hide Mikasa's feelings for Eren. The series made it clear that the girl harbors feelings for Eren, and they grew into love once the two grew older. Mikasa even tries to share those feelings on the battlefield, but if you are finished with Attack on Titan, you will know her love was not enough to satisfy Eren.

Despite her care, the boy chose a dark path by the manga's end, and Eren became the ultimate enemy of humanity. His genocidal turn led to the deaths of millions, and Mikasa was forced to kill Eren for the sake of the world. In his last moments, Eren was able to share his true feelings for Mikasa, and his requited love felt more tragic than anything else. Now, this rom-com might show Attack on Titan fans how things could have been, so you'll want to keep an eye out for this release!

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