Attack on Titan: Rumored Alternate Ending Raises Big Question About Mikasa

Attack on Titan brought its manga to a close some weeks ago, but the fandom has not been able to [...]

Attack on Titan brought its manga to a close some weeks ago, but the fandom has not been able to walk away from the ending. While most fans were fine with the final chapter, there were others who felt let down by its take on Mikasa and Eren. These disappointed readers hoped the additional pages coming for chapter 139 would clear things up, but a new rumor suggests that will not happen.

So you have been warned! There are possible spoilers for the finale of Attack on Titan below! Proceed at your own risk.

Attack On Titan Cosplay Mikasa
(Photo: Wit Studio)

For those who have kept up with the Attack on Titan fandom, you will know there are tons of so-called leakers who spread info ahead of time. One of the most reliable sources, Zakken, seems to have tipped fans off to something coming in the extra pages of Attack on Titan. But of course, the words are nothing but a rumor at this point.

According to netizen posts on Twitter, it seems the additional eight pages of chapter 139 do focus on Mikasa, but not the way fans wanted. The rumor suggests the Attack on Titan ending is altered to show an older Mikasa living with a husband and kids. This addition would give Mikasa permission to move on from Eren which is something Armin wanted for his friend.

"She should be able to forget about the heartbreaker she loved and be happy at the very least. But who knows, maybe she'll find someone good in no time and shrug it all off," the blond boy told Eren while in the Eldian Paths together.

Of course, Eren was not keen on Mikasa moving on, so it seems he did love her despite his actions. This tracks as Eren and Mikasa were expected to be an endgame couple in Attack on Titan, but that couldn't pan out. Eren's genocidal turn squashed hope of his happy ending, but there is no reason Mikasa shouldn't be allowed to move on. And if this rumor is correct, creator Hajime Isayama will give her the chance to do just that.

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