Attack on Titan Pushes Eren Beyond Redemption with Devastating New Chapter

Attack on Titan impressed fans years ago with its debut, and much of its success was thanks to Eren Yeager. The hero has kept anime viewers entertained for years now, but his arc in the manga has been very different. These days, Attack on Titan has been rather critical of Eren, and the manga's new chapter makes him downright irredeemable.

If you have read chapter 131 of Attack on Titan, you will know what's going on. The chapter follows two refugee orphans on Marley as they try to make a better life for themselves. The pair are part of a community that has been ostracized because of their race. In that past, fans met these boys and saw they were treated as badly as the Eldians.

So what did Eren do? Well, he chose to murder them both despite having a chance to intervene. He went on to kill most of the refugee camp, and such an act is impossible to forgive.

(Photo: Wit Studio)

The chapter shows Eren's monologue as he leads his giant Titan army through the refugee camp. Fans learn the man met the boys long before he overthrew Paradis to control his army. These days, the protagonist is determined to cull the world so the Eldians can survive. But in his blind ambition, Eren allowed people as hurt as him to die in unspeakable ways.

When Eren met the boys long ago, he told the eldest he was sorry for what he must do. The kids did not know what he was referring to, but Eren knew full well he would kill them.

"When I learned that humanity lived beyond the walls, I was so disappointed. I Wwished for it. I wanted to wipe it all away. I'm sorry. I'm sorry," Eren tells himself.


Eren's remorse is good to see, but it cannot excuse the mass execution he set upon this town. No one can excuse the behavior and ideology Eren is living out these days. And as it nears its end, Attack on Titan has found itself lost without a hero to follow.

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