Attack On Titan Finally Gives Armin and Annie a One-on-One

The final chapters of Attack On Titan have changed the game to a considerable degree, and in the latest installment of the manga, we have a heart warming "reunion" between Annie and Armin that reveals feelings and motivations for the two soldiers of the new Survey Corps. Annie, the Female Titan, and Armin, the new Colossal Titan, have attempted to bury the hatchet in the wake of a new threat that is looking to fundamentally change the world and in order to save as many lives as they can, it's time for these two titans to work together!

Warning! If you want to avoid spoilers for Chapter 131 of Attack On Titan, as well as the upcoming fourth and final season of the anime, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article!

As the new version of the Survey Corps, consisting of the soldiers of Eldia that we came to know and love over the course of the season and unlikely allies in the forms of Reiner and Annie, Marleyian spies who were also Titans themselves, drifts toward Eren, they do get some much needed down time. Armin, who imagines himself standing in front of Eren, finds himself sitting down with Annie and the two hash out not only their future, but their past!

Attack On Titan Manga
(Photo: Kodansha)

Annie, who had been locked away within a crystal prison of her own design in order to avoid questioning after being captured at the end of the first season of the anime, asked Armin why he had continued visiting her even when she couldn't respond. Despite being a traitor, Armin alludes to the idea that he still had a crush on Annie and couldn't keep himself away regardless of everything that she had done.


Following this, the two discuss the reasoning behind why they have to stop Eren, our one time protagonist who has gained the power of the Founding Titan and has sworn to murder anyone with Marleyian blood running through their veins, and just what Armin is ultimately hoping to accomplish. It's definitely a bitter sweet moment that is the calm before the massive final storm of the series where Eren's old friends will more than likely be forced to try to kill their one time ally.

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