Attack On Titan Season 4 Breaks Big Trailer Record

Attack On Titan fans are waiting with bated breath to have the release date for the fourth, and final, season of the anime be revealed, but until that time, the trailer for the final installment of the dark franchise is continuing to shatter records when it comes to the online service of Youtube. With newcomers to the series Studio MAPPA taking the reins of the series from the legendary animation house of Wit Studio, fans are waiting to see how the events of the manga are translated to the small screen and the Survey Corps takes their final curtain call.

Attack On Titan fans really need to prepare themselves for what are some of the darkest stories to ever happen within the franchise, as the manga has been telling the story of the final war between Marley and Eldia. If fans of the anime think they know what is coming in the upcoming skirmishes, prepare to be surprised as the series changes things up drastically in terms of who are the heroes and who are the villains when it comes to the world that has made giant, naked, smiling behemoths a household name among anime fans around the world.

Twitter User Attack On Titan Wiki shared the news that the unofficial upload for the fourth season of Attack On Titan has become the most viewed trailer of all time when it comes to seasonal anime, proving that the fan base are brimming with excitement when it comes to the series that has become one of the most popular within the medium:

Attack On Titan's fourth season was originally slated to be released later this year in the fall, beginning the arc that would see the soldiers of the Survey Corps finally bringing the war directly to the nation of Marley, who have been sending Titans their way for quite some time. With the coronavirus pandemic throwing a number of monkey wrenches into the world of anime, fans are expecting Attack On Titan to be released in 2021.


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