Attack on Titan Reveals Mikasa's Greatest Wish for Eren

It is no secret that Eren has gone off the deep end in Attack on Titan. The anime has set up the hero to do big things with its upcoming fourth season, but manga readers know where the soldier will go. When his home comes under attack in a never-before-seen way, Eren will have to choose between two sides, and Mikasa has shared her true feelings about the side he chose to support.

So you have been warned! There are spoilers below for chapter 127 below!

This latest manga chapter went live with a tense scene right off the bat. Fans met up with Jean who was experiencing a little daydream about what his life might have been like had he worked with Eren to commit complete genocide against any non-Eldian in this world. His tyrannical worldview has turned Eren into enemy number one for so many, and Mikasa was confronted with the question of whether she could even stop her childhood friend.

"I don't want Eren facing any more indiscriminate attacks. Even if they're meant to protect me or this island. I want to stop Eren," Mikasa said, and her deadened expression speaks for itself. The heroine can no longer explain the actions which Eren is taking. His desire to save the island by killing anyone who doesn't align with the Eldian is despotic at the very best.


Of course, her wish for Eren to stop may not be realized. It was Annie who brought up that fact later in the chapter when she asked whether Mikasa could Eren if it came down to it. It seems the heroine is not quite to that point yet, but fans are hoping Mikasa will be able to stop Eren one way or another before he turns into one of the warmongers they feared growing up. And if he will not stray from his murderous plans, it will fall to someone to kill Eren even if Mikasa is not the one to land the final blow.

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