Attack on Titan Crew Teases Fans with New Season 4 Update

Attack on Titan season four is marching towards its final days in both the manga and anime. The former has kicked off its big war at last while the anime prepares to start its final season this December. As you can imagine, hype is high for the debut, and one of the staffers on the show is teasing fans about the first half of Attack on Titan season four.

The teaser in question comes from none other than Masafumi Mima, one of the sound directors working on the series. The artist has been vocal on Twitter as they have worked on season four. That is why they posted an update about the anime's selection of music, and it turns out some changes need to be made to episodes one and two.

"I've received a letter! This is a reply written in regards to the song selections for Attack on Titan's first and second episodes [of season four]," Mima wrote on Twitter.

As you can see above, the artist posted a letter written to them by the director of season four. All of the contents are blurred out for privacy reasons, but it seems Mima was asked to rework some parts of the OST. "I see! The director has politely asked for some gentle reworks. This will be fun! But this time, will the music reach the director's soul?!"


It seems progress is being made on Attack on Titan season four well ahead of its December debut. Mima has enough time to rework pieces of the OST, and the director feels comfortable enough with production to even make the request. As you can imagine, expectations for season four are high, and no one feels that as keenly as the Attack on Titan staff. And with the pressure on, you can rest assured the team is doing all they can to knock season four out of the park.

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