Attack on Titan Season 4 Reveals Zeke's Tragic Backstory

Attack on Titan is pushing ahead with its season four finale soon, but fans are still reeling from [...]

Attack on Titan is pushing ahead with its season four finale soon, but fans are still reeling from its most recent release. If you will remember, the show went live last weekend with a two-for-one episode special following a delay. Episodes 73 and 74 went live to the delight of fans, but the end of the latter update left audiences stunned by Zeke's dark history.

If you have seen episode 74, then you will know what all went down. The story began with Zeke as a small child, and it seemed like things were all okay. However, it did not take long for fans to learn how wrong they were. Attack on Titan quickly revealed Zeke lived sequestered in Marley because of his heritage, and his dad Grisha was quite bitter about the ordeal.

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As the episode went on, Attack on Titan fans watched as Zeke was thrown into a secret organization bent on overthrowing Marley for turning the Eldians into slaves. The boy was forced into the military in hopes of inheriting a titan, and that is when things began to fall apart. Feeling totally neglected by his folks, Zeke was eventually convinced of the Eldian race's futility, and he chose to turn in his parents to save himself.

Now, fans are having a mini crisis was they come to terms with how Zeke came to be. It seems the soldier has a complicated history filled with trauma and death. But to be fair, that is most characters in Attack on Titan at this point. Mikasa has a horrible past, but she was never provoked into genocide, so fans will continue their debates over Zeke until the story gives its final word on the heroes.

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