Attack on Titan Cliffhanger Puts Zeke and Levi's Lives In the Balance

Attack on Titan is almost done with its fourth season as we know it, and some tough stuff just [...]

Attack on Titan is almost done with its fourth season as we know it, and some tough stuff just went down this past weekend. After a delay last week, the anime hit up fans with a two-for-one weekend with episodes 73 and 74. The updates shared a lot of juicy information about Eren's dark turn, but things came to a head when the end of episode 74 teased two major deaths.

So if you are not caught up with Attack on Titan, you have been warned! There are major spoilers below for the anime!

The whole thing popped up after Levi and Zeke began their epic battle in the forest. The latter turned all of Levi's men into Titans after they unwittingly ingested wine containing his spinal fluid. Levi was forced to cull them all in a bid to stop Zeke from reuniting with Eren, and it seemed like he succeeded. After all, Zeke was speared through the abdomen by a Thunder Spear, but things took a turn for the worst in the end.

The episode closed with a cliffhanger between Levi and Zeke after the latter chose to go out in a blaze of glory. The men managed to detonate the Thunder Spear lodged in his guts, and it went off with a bang. Levi was caught in the explosion and sent flying while Zeke was torn into two halves. The gruesome scene shocked many given how violent it was, and fans aren't sure either soldier survived the blast. Levi might have lived, but Zeke was torn in two. Even his Beast Titan might not be able to heal such an injury, so episode 75 better give an update on these two as soon as possible.

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