Attack On Titan Flashback Reveals Grisha's Dark Backstory

Attack On Titan released two brand new episodes earlier this week, with the latter installment [...]

Attack On Titan released two brand new episodes earlier this week, with the latter installment focusing on a flashback to the nation of Marley as we got an inside look into the mind of Zeke and Eren's father, Grisha Jaeger, who had pushed his sons down paths that would see them becoming the biggest threats to mankind. With the seventy-fourth episode of the series taking us into the childhood of Zeke before he inherited the power of the Beast Titan, the latest installment was able to still give us some heart-wrenching scenes in the present of the anime series.

Grisha's first wife, Dina Fritz, was the mother of Zeke, whose royal bloodline allowed the oldest Jaeger sibling a few powers that no other Titan has been able to exhibit in the series thus far. Unfortunately, the road to gaining this power was one that was fraught with external threats as a young Zeke attempted to become a "warrior" while also dodging the horrible parenting styles of both his mother and his father. Grisha pushed Zeke to become one of the Nine Titans primarily so that they could get revenge on the nation of Marley for the torment that all the Eldians had to suffer, but it's clear that the future Beast Titan had other plans in mind.

Attack On Titan Grisha
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Day in and day out, Grisha spent every waking moment of Zeke's life trying to tell him the "true history" of the Eldian people, who he saw as continuous victims throughout their lives, dominated by the citizenry of Marley. With Grisha and Dina working with the "Restorationists" behind the scenes to topple Marley's government by using the power of the Titans, Zeke had to make a drastic decision in which he sold his parents down the river to save his own skin and the skin of his grandparents.

As we know from the tail-end of season three, Grisha was jettisoned to the island of Paradis, witnessing his wife transformed into a Titan but eventually starting a new family that saw the birth of his son Eren. With Grisha's parenting style, it is definitely no surprise to see that Eren and Zeke have followed along paths that make them seemed doom, the question now is if they will extend their status to the world.

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