Attack On Titan Season 4 Confirms Ymir's Fate

Attack On Titan's fourth season might not have featured the Survey Corps in all its glory, instead [...]

Attack On Titan's fourth season might not have featured the Survey Corps in all its glory, instead deciding to follow the exploits of the Eldian soldiers in the employ of the nation of Marley, but it gave us a look into the ultimate fate of Ymir, the Jaw Titan. The story of Ymir was a tragic one overall, but the fate that lay in wait for her might have been even more so as we had the opportunity to learn what Marley had done to the former friend of Historia once she returned to her homeland alongside Zeke the Beast Titan!

Ymir was revealed to hold the power of the Jaw Titan in the second season of Attack On Titan's anime, revealing that she had been exiled from Marley for being brought into a cult for the Founding Titan of the same name. Luckily enough, Ymir had eaten the previous Jaw Titan in her Titan form, regaining her humanity and attempting to build a life for herself on the island of Paradis, in which she was able to come into contact with Historia, the soon to be Queen of the civilization within the walls. Though Ymir joined the Survey Corps, that didn't stop her from hiding her Titan power from her friends.

Attack On Titan Ymir Fate Season Four Anime
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When Ymir revealed her Titan power to help save Historia, she eventually was kidnapped by Reiner and Bertholdt who were attempting to take her and Eren Jaeger back to the country of Marley. Still trying to be with Historia however, Ymir would only agree if they kidnapped the blond-haired royal family member but she ultimately decided to venture forth to Marley without her one-time friend.

With the premiere of Season Four, we see a new Jaw Titan spring into action, attacking Marley's enemies with a decidedly different look than the one that Ymir had sported. What this means of course is that Ymir's life was made forfeit and she was eaten by the new inheritor of the power, losing her time in this world in the process. Though Ymir's death isn't shown on screen, it's a given that the friend of Historia is no longer in the land of the living.

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