Attack On Titan Season 4 Reveals New Character Designs

Attack On Titan's fourth season has given us some glimpses into the tragic lives of Eldian [...]

Attack On Titan's fourth season has given us some glimpses into the tragic lives of Eldian soldiers who are fighting on behalf of the nation of Marley, the country that has been torturing the Eldian race within the walls via a steady stream of Titans unleashed on the island of Paradis, and new character designs show us what the warriors of Pieck and Porco are set to look like in the anime series. Without going too much into spoiler territory, these two soldiers will be greatly important to the events of season four, and you may have seen one of them before without knowing!

The fourth season started with Reiner the Armored Titan and Zeke the Beast Titan facing down with their fellow Eldian soldiers a new country that we had yet to encounter up to this point. Even with the power of four full-fledged Titans on their side, they barely were able to claim victory as Marley's enemies had a wide array of technological weapons that could be classified as "Titan Killers". With only Jean of the Survey Corps being one of the main protagonists to make an appearance during the premiere, fans are left wondering what the current status of Eren and the rest of the Survey Corps is and when we can expect them to make their grand introductions.

Twitter User Attack on Titan Wiki shared these brand new looks at the Marleyian soldiers that will have heavy roles to play in the final act of the war that will see Eren Jaeger, Armin, Mikasa, and their friends exploring this brand new world across the ocean that will have countless surprises for audiences along the way:

Unlike series such as Demon Slayer and The Promised Neverland, the manga for Attack On Titan isn't yet through telling its dark story, but it's clear that we are in the final throes of the epic battle that involves more Titans than we can count. While we don't want to reveal any of the nitty-gritty that's to come for fans that are just following the anime, expect some earth-shattering events and the possibility that your favorite characters might not make it out of the series alive!

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