Attack On Titan Season 4 Reveals the Beast Titan's Successor

The fourth season premiere of Attack On Titan focused on a war that the nation of Marley has been [...]

The fourth season premiere of Attack On Titan focused on a war that the nation of Marley has been fighting outside of the well-known walls, using the numerous Titans in their life or death battles in the forms of the Armored Titan, Jaw Titan, Cart Titan, and of course the Beast Titan, who might not be Zeke Jaeger for much longer with his successor being revealed! Though the Beast Titan has been one of the most powerful Titans in the employ of the nation of Marley, as is the case with the other time, their status on this world is limited.

Zeke Jaeger was revealed to be the brother of Eren in the third season as the citizen of Marley fought alongside the Armored and Colossal Titans in an effort to eliminate humanity within the walls, as well as steal his brother back to their homeland. Though Zeke did not expect to face someone as strong as the Survey Corps' Captain Levi, who was able to rip the elder Jaeger from his Titan shell in one of the final episodes of season three, it's clear that he has recuperated nicely in the season four premiere!

Attack On Titan Beast Titan
(Photo: Studio MAPPA)

With each of the Nine Titans, the wielders of these powers are only given a set number of years before they have to pass on their power to a new inheritor before their life ceases. Zeke might be an effective tool for Marley, but the Eldian soldier Colt Grice is set to become the new Beast Titan. With the Season Four premiere, we were introduced to not only the potential inheritor of the Beast Titan power, but several other young Eldian soldiers that were looking to inherit the Titan powers to continue Marley's dominance when it comes to the world stage.

As fans of the manga know, anime fans can expect some big revelations when it comes to Zeke Jaeger and his brother Jaeger, as the levers of power begin to shift and the war between the nations of Marley and the tragic figures of the Eldian race. Though don't expect much brotherly love, definitely get ready for some more revelations about the Jaeger clan and an explosive battle between all the parties involved!

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