Attack On Titan Checks Outs Its Final Arc in New Fan-Anime

The fourth season of Attack On Titan's anime will be the last for the dark franchise that hasn't [...]

The fourth season of Attack On Titan's anime will be the last for the dark franchise that hasn't shied away from killing and maiming a number of characters along the way, and one fan has decided to get the ball rolling themselves by translating a scene rom the manga into their own animation style, giving us a hint at what the scene might look like in the upcoming story line. With the third season ending with most of the Survey Corps destroyed but Eren, Armin, and Mikasa gaining a BIG power up in the process, fans can't wait for the series' return!

Warning! We'll be touching upon some slight season four spoilers for Attack On Titan, so be forewarned if you cotninue with this article!

The animation in question that was created by an Attack On Titan fan artist shows the character of Gabi, the cousin of Reiner the Armored Titan, having a moment of calm with Pieck, the Cart Titan. The fourth and final story arc of the anime will see the Survey Corps attacking the nation of Marley directly, attempting to bring the war directly to the country that has been doing nothing but trying to destroy them since the get go. The war eventually "ends" with the Survey Corps shifting the power structure of the world, but at a heavy cost where they have to now battle one of their own.

Twitter Artist Rami_SailaA shared this impressive animated sequence that takes one of the scenes from the manga and translates it into a brief animation test to help fans think about what Attack On Titan might look like for its final season:

The finale of Attack On Titan's manga has yet to arrive but considering the fact that the new villain of the series has become Eren Jaeger, there are definitely a number of fans that are waiting with baited breath to see how the war between the nations of Marley and Eldia will wrap.

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