Attack on Titan Reportedly Delaying Season 4

We haven't heard much about Attack on Titan's fourth and final season ever since it was announced, and according to a new report it's because Season 4 will reportedly be delayed. Following the end of Season 3 Part 2 last year, the anime ended with a brief teaser announcing that a fourth and final season of the series was currently in the works for a future release. It was originally announced to be slated for a Fall 2020 season launch, but as we head into Summer 2020 this release is starting to seem far more unlikely.

According to a report from YonkouProductions, who has had a strong track record of reporting on various anime project announcements before their official reveal (and who you can find on Twitter here), the "word around town" is that Attack on Titan Season 4 will be delayed. Although no potential reason has been given, there is an interesting shake-up that could explain the delay.

It might seem like Attack on Titan's final season delay, if it is confirmed to happen, will be as a result of the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic restrictions. But YonkouProductions noted that there was potentially a studio shake up as well with the final season being handled by a studio other than WIT Studio like the previous three seasons of the series.

Naturally, because there has yet to be an official announcement one way or the other take this report with a healthy grain of salt. It would explain the lack of any concrete news for the final season since its announcement, however. The final season has been shrouded in mystery and that's honestly strange for such a massive property like this. Fans have been anticipating news so badly, they have even begun crafting anime looks for the final season themselves.

News of a delay would definitely break hearts, but then again at least it's news about the project at all. But what do you think? Would you be alright if Attack on Titan's fourth and final season was delayed? Would you mind seeing the new season taken on by a different studio than the others? What are you hoping to see when we do finally get a concrete, in-progress look at the final season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!