Attack on Titan Star Turns to Police Over Anonymous, Disturbing Threats

Attack on Titan's fandom is rallying behind one of the show's stars as Yui Ishikawa as turned to [...]

Attack on Titan's fandom is rallying behind one of the show's stars as Yui Ishikawa as turned to police after she received a slew of disturbing threats from a presumed fan. The ordeal is said to have started in early April according to the actress' talent agency who informed fans a police investigation is now underway. Ishikawa, who voices Mikasa in the hit anime, is the main target of the threats which promised to harm her and those she loves.

According to a report by Anime News Network, Ishikawa's management went to Twitter to inform fans of the situation. Her team said a report has been filed with police after Ishikawa received a string of disturbing threats concerning herself and her family.

While the explicit messages have not been shared, the announcement did say Ishikawa has been threatened personally along with her family. The actress' talent agency has also received threats which are thought to be related. All of these threats promised to harm their recipients, so you can understand why authorities have been brought in.


Currently, an investigation is ongoing into the threats, and Ishikawa's agency thanked fans for all their support. The official announcement asked fans to forgive the agency for concerning them, but their top priority is to keep Ishikawa and her loved ones safe during this ordeal.

Sadly, this situation is not a first as Japanese idols have run-ins with crazed fans more than they should. In the same way K-pop bred a minority faction of possessive fans, anime and J-pop have done the same. Ishikawa is one of many to face this bleak reality head on, so fans are rallying behind the actress as police work through their investigation.

While the police do their job, Ishikawa has been able to stay out of the limelight thankfully even though the reason why comes down to COVID-19. The ongoing pandemic has shut down much of the entertainment industry in Japan. This year, Attack on Titan was meant to launch its final season, but its release date is up in the air as animators have been unable to meet deadlines due to Japan's work-from-home orders.

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