Attack On Titan Star Reacts to Manga's April 2021 Finale

The finale for Attack On Titan is surely going to have Eren Jaeger front and center for the final battle of the Survey Corps, and with the announcement that the manga would be coming to a close in April of this year, the voice actor for the former protagonist, Yuki Kaji, shared his reaction about the series getting its curtain call. With the anime series attempting to play catch up with the manga following the arrival of the fourth season premiere, anime fans should expect some absolutely insane events for the upcoming episodes that now has Studio MAPPA at the helm.

When we first see Eren Jaeger in this new installment of Hajime Isayama's dark fantasy, he definitely seems as if he's seen better days. Taking on the appearance of an Eldian soldier in Marley's employ that has been injured in war, Eren begins laying the seeds to not only get word back to his friends in the Survey Corps via the young and impressionable Falco, but also manages to score a face to face conversation with Reiner. As the previous episode ended with the wielders of the Attack Titan and Armored Titan in a showdown, rest assured that the next episode will have huge ramifications for the series moving forward!

Twitter User Sunma shared the excerpt from a recent publication of Oricon News in which Eren Jaeger's Japanese Voice Actor, Yuki Kaji, felt that he was moved considerably by the news that Attack On Titan would be ending its manga this April, bringing a close to the chapter of the Survey Corps:

For those who have followed the manga, you know that some BIG changes are in store for Eren and his relationship with the Survey Corps will definitely never be the same. As Attack On Titan moves closer to its finale, we have to wonder if Jaeger will be able to survive.

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