Attack On Titan Poster Imagines Its Villains Live-Action Casting

Attack On Titan is rocketing toward its finale as the war between Marley and Eldia rages on, but one fan has decided to create an amazing fan poster that imagines if a live action movie were to cast some of the biggest actors in Hollywood as some of the franchise's biggest antagonists! With the likes of Reiner the Armored Titan, Annie the Female Titan, and Zeke the Beast Titan, the series has some of the best villains in the medium of anime that are threatening the world within the walls and this fan artist picks some heavy hitters to bring them to life!

The final chapter of Attack On Titan is doing a great job of continuing the aesthetic of the series in that it's throwing the pre-conceived notion of "black and white" out the window, letting you know that who you once considered a villain might now be considered a friend. A new Survey Corps has arisen to combat a new, but familiar foe, shocking fans in that the soldiers constituting this new group will shock those who have been following the anime franchise since its inception.

Instagram Artist Olrakarts created a photo that places Hollywood stars such as Keanu Reeves, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Anna Taylor Joy, and Cameron Monaghan to name a few to bring to life the live action interpretations of villainous characters that have put the protagonists of Attack On Titan through hell and back:

Attack On Titan has done a fantastic job of creating a world of "greys" wherein villains might not be as antagonistic as you might believe and the heroes are teetering on the edge of full blown super villainy, which is one big aspect of the series that has drawn fans to the anime since it hit the ground floor running over a decade ago!

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