Avatar The Last Airbender Art Reminds Us Just How Heartbreaking it Can Be

Avatar The Last Airbender has once again had fans following the adventures of Aang, Katarra, Sokka, and Toph as they battle against the Fire Nation thanks to its arrival on the streaming service of Netflix and one fan has depicted one of the most tear jerking moments from the Nickelodeon produced animated series. With Netflix working to make a live action adaptation series with the original creators of the franchise lending their talents to its creation, fans couldn't be more excited about jumping back into the world of bending that has become insanely popular once again.

The Nickelodeon produced series has more than a few heart wrenching moments, with the likes of Iroh's tearful song to his departed son and Zuko struggling with his past relationship to his father, but perhaps one of the most tragic is Aang discovering that after spending decades held inside of a frozen block of ice, his original tribe of Air Benders had all died. With the Avatar being the last air bender in existence, Aang never felt more alone, but luckily found a new group of friends in his fight against the Fire Nation and built a new family for himself along the way.

Twitter Artist Devin Elle Kurtz posted these two pieces of stunning Avatar The Last Airbender fan art, titled "Aang's Great Loss", that demonstrate what the temple of air benders once looked like before Aang was frozen in ice, and what it looked like following the Avatar's awakening:

This year marked the fifteenth anniversary of Avatar The Last Airbender, with the series still resonating to this day and gaining a sequel in the form of the Legend of Korra. Though we still don't know quite when the live action adaptation from Netflix will arrive, having the original minds at the wheel that were responsible for Avatar's creation has certainly put a lot of fans' minds at ease.

Avatar's strength came not only from its amazing battles and complicated characterizations, but its heart rending moments that showed off the humanity of all the heroes and villains involved in the series. With numerous moments throughout, the emotions would definitely run high in the Last Airbender!


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