These Custom Avatar The Last Airbender Nike Sneakers Could Defeat the Fire Nation

Avatar The Last Airbender has once again hit new heights of popularity thanks in part to its arrival on the streaming service of Netflix, and one fan has created a pair of custom Nike sneakers that capture the aesthetic of the animated series that premiered on Nickelodeon over fifteen years ago. Since arriving on Netflix, fans both old and new have experienced the story of Aang, "the Last Airbender", who is attempting to find his way in a world that he no longer knows while battling the nefarious machinations of the Fire Nation!

"Bending" is of course one of the major aspects of the animated series that is considered by many to be one of the best cartoons that has premiered in the West, letting certain denizens of this unique world control certain elements within the world. Through the likes of Aang, Zuko, Katarra, and Toph, we were able to see how intricate the likes of bending the air, water, and earth could be when the best practitioners in the world took the lead. Fire bending could be adapted into controlling lightning itself, water bending could allow a user to control the very blood running through their opponents' veins if they got good enough at it, and earth bending could transition into controlling metal. Needless to say, these custom Nikes do a fantastic job of translating Aang and Zuko's control over air and fire respectively.

Twitter Artist Ortegarte shared these impressive custom made Nike sneakers that use the traditional "swoosh" to incorporate the bending of both Aang and Zuko into the proceedings and would surely be a worthy addition to any Avatar fans collection were they official:

Zuko, the prince of the Fire Nation, is easily one of the most complicated, interesting characters of the franchise, struggling with his origins as royalty and attempting to discover if there is a life beyond the path that was dictated for him. Starting as a straight up antagonist, Zuko eventually found a path where he joined the cause of Aang and his friends to battle against his own country, and the father that had scarred him for life.

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