Avatar The Last Airbender Live-Action Series Might Have Found Its Jet

Netflix has been moving further into creating live-action adaptations, with this week seeing the streaming service announce that an upcoming television series would be reimagining its own Yasuke animated series. Avatar The Last Airbender will be receiving its own live-action series and while many characters have been officially cast, one long-awaited character might have found their actor as rumors are spreading that everyone's favorite rogue, Jet, has been cast for the upcoming first season.    

Season One's production for Netflix's Avatar The Last Airbender recently wrapped and despite this fact, the streaming service has been tight-lipped regarding a potential release date, as well as any news on a trailer or images of the main cast in costume. If you aren't familiar with the young actors that will be portraying Aang and his gang, Gordon Cormier will be bringing the Avatar to life, Kiawentiio plays the part of Katara, Ian Ousley is Sokka, and Dallas Liu is playing the conflicted prince of the Fire Nation, Zuko. Long-time actor Paul Sun-Hyung Lee will take on the role of Uncle Iroh while Daniel Dae Kim will bring the nefarious Fire Lord Ozai to the realm of live-action.

According to the outlet, Avatar News, the role of Jet will be portrayed by actor Sebastian Amoruso, who fans might know best from his role in Amazon's I Know What You Did Last Summer television adaptation of the horror franchise. 

(Photo: Amazon)

Jet was the definition of a "rogue" in the animated series, leading a group of Earth Kingdom orphans that were dubbed the "Freedom Fighters". Unfortunately for the teenage freedom fighter, he died in a conflict with the villainous Long Feng during the events of the second season. For years following the traumatic event, fans debated whether or not Jet truly did die during this battle, though the fact that he would never return in either Avatar The Last Airbender or its sequel series, The Legend of Korra, certainly speaks to the idea that Jet didn't make it out of the series alive.

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Via Avatar News