Avatar: The Last Airbender Reunion Announced for 2021

The cast of Avatar: The Last Airbender will be reuniting in 2021. Word of the big event came from [...]

The cast of Avatar: The Last Airbender will be reuniting in 2021. Word of the big event came from Dante Basco's Twitter account and fans are absolutely ecstatic about the development. Fans of all ages really got back into the show this year during the pandemic. Also adding to that surge of popularity was the fact that Netflix uploaded the entire run onto their service this summer as well. So, with not a ton to do, people were all too happy to revisit their favorite animated series. Joining Basco are Jack de Sena (Sokka), Grey Griffin (Azula), Olivia Hack (Ty Lee), Cricket Leigh (Mai_, Jennie Kwan (Princess Suki), and Michaela Murphy (Toph) to name a few of the actors. Fans are rightfully excited and January 9th is going to be a great time. Check out Basco's tweet down below:

Earlier this summer, I spoke to Basco for Comicbook.com and he was as surprised as anyone that Avatar just blew up again.

"Yeah, I think it kind of blew up out of nowhere, which is great and unexpected," Basco explained. "But it really goes to show you: A, the power of Netflix, and B, the power of a really good project that kind of lasted over the years now. And it's like you said, it may be more popular than when it was first out."

When it comes to the reliability of Zuko, Basco knows all too well how much the fanbase loves him.

"Of course, man. I mean, 'That's rough buddy,' has become one of the most quoted lines. It's strange that these lines that we don't think much of them when we do them. It's just how the project came out. It doesn't strike me why they become a part of the zeitgeist in whatever world we're in," he reflected.

"'That's rough buddy…' and 'Hello, Zuko here,' little lines that I didn't think much of when we did and something stuck with how the project came out, become these kinds of catchphrases in life for people to use, that they use in their regular life. I get a kick out of all that," Basco continued. "Again, little things that none of us could predict. You know we didn't plan any of these things, these things happened organically. I appreciate, I'm proud of that multiplying, you know."

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