Avatar The Last Airbender Fans The Flames With Suki Cosplay

Since arriving on the streaming service of Netflix, Avatar The Last Airbender has become one of the most watched television series on the platform, and with that new found popularity, cosplayers have created some amazing new work and this latest interpretation of Suki is one of the best! While there have been plenty of examples of cosplay for the likes of Aang, Zuko, Katara, and Azula, Suki made a name for herself not due to any bending ability that she had, of which she has none, but by being a decisive member of the band of soldiers in the Kyoshi Warriors!

Suki might not have been an official member of the quartet that included Aang, Sokka, Kotara, and Toph, but she would make regular appearances to both help battle against the Fire Nation and spend some quality time with her boyfriend Sokka. While we don't know for sure if Suki and Sokka eventually tied the knot as this wasn't dived into in the sequel series of Legend of Korra, which took place decades following the conclusion of Avatar The Last Airbender, we like to hope that the two shacked up and spent a well deserved life with one another following the defeat of the Fire Lord Ozai.

Instagram Cosplayer Reyla Cosplay brought forth this amazing cosplay that brings back the homage to the "painted lady" in Suki, who time and time again made sure that the Avatar and his buddies were able to eventually overcome the machinations of the Fire Nation:

With a live action series in production that will retell the story of Aang and his original crew, we can come to a foregone conclusion that Suki will be making a return in the future adaptation. Though the original creators of the series left the project, fans are still hoping that Netflix will pull a hat trick

What do you think of this stunning Avatar The Last Airbender cosplay? Do you think Suki is fated to appear in the upcoming live action adaptation? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of bending!