Avatar The Last Airbender Reacts to a New Fan's Unsuspecting Plight

With Avatar The Last Airbender having been brought to the streaming service of Netflix, many fans are experiencing the series for the first time, and with that, discovering new favorite characters from the popular animated show, but one major voice actor for the franchise had to add their thoughts on one fan's tragic choice for their favorite character. As one Twitter User notes, a fan that is watching Avatar The Last Airbender has chosen the Princess Yue as their favorite character, giving the director of the Last Airbender, Giancarlo Volpe, the perfect response to this doomed choice!

Princess Yue was royalty within the Northern Water Tribe, having developed feelings for Sokka when both he, his sister Katara, and Aang the Avatar arrived on their doorstep in order to foil the plans of the Fire Nation in their bid to overtake the world. Unfortunately, when the Fire Nation attacked, Yue underwent a transformation that literally had her becoming the moon and thus could no longer continue a relationship with Sokka, among other things. In the series, Zuko has the perfect response following Sokka opening up and informing the Fire Nation prince that his ex-girlfriend had been transformed into the moon, with the anti-hero responding "that's rough, buddy."

Giancarlo Volpe, the director for Last Airbender, shared this hilarious tweet in response to a fan who said that one of their friends had chosen Princess Yue as their favorite character, making a tragic decision considering her ultimate fate in the series of Avatar The Last Airbender:

Avatar The Last Airbender hit the ground floor running when it was brought to Netflix in North America, quickly becoming the number one streaming series on the platform. Though it no longer holds the top spot, that hasn't stopped fans from sharing their love of the series on social media and beyond!


On top of the animated series, Netflix is also currently working on a new live action series for Avatar The Last Airbender that will retell the story of Aang and company with the creators of the original series at the helm! Though a release date hasn't been given yet, we'll be sure to keep you updated as we get more information!

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