Baki Season 2 Releases New Trailer For "Great Raitai Tournament Saga"

Baki's second season is looking to pound its way into Netflix's anime roster in June of this year, giving the young fighter, and son of the strongest man in the world, a new challenge to take on with this brand new trailer for the "Great Raitai Tournament Saga". If you haven't had the chance to experience this ridiculously amazing fighting series on Netflix, we strongly advise watching the first season which is currently on the streaming service as it takes you into the hard hitting world of Baki and his fellow combatants where every fight is life or death!

The first season of Baki, which is based on the anime property of Baki the Grappler, acted as something of a sequel to the anime series that had been released years before Netflix had been created. With Baki attempting to become a fighter that was able to take on his father in hand to had combat, who is usually thought of as one of the strongest beings in existence, the series saw some of the most unbelievably dangerous fights in the history of the anime medium.

Season Two is clearly starting from where the previous season left off which saw Baki and his friends taking on a number of escaped convicts, who proved themselves to be far more terrifying than the combatants had originally thought. While each criminal was strong in their own right, their willingness to cheat and "fight dirty" made them such difficult opponents to take down for the fighters that have proved themselves time and time again in the franchise!

The official description for the upcoming season that releases on June 4th in North America reads as such:

"Entering a fighting tournament held once every 100 years, Baki gives his all to fight back from the brink of death!! The highly anticipated Baki: The Great Raitai Tournament Saga begins streaming June 4, only on Netflix!"


The final stinger of the trailer hints that one, if not more, of the convicts that Baki and company squared off against in the first season may be making a return to participate in the great tournament! Keen eyed fans can see who they are referring to in the trailer, though it will be interesting see what other old characters make their return in season two!

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